31 March 2012

Calling Photographers!

Dear Photographer friends:

I have been developing a presentation called "Poetry, Dance, & the Patterned Glory of the Universe". It is a combination of lecture, dance demonstration, and powerpoint. I'd like to enlist your help in improving the powerpoint presentation.

Would you be willing to donate a photograph or two so that I can make this into a powerful visual experience as well as an engaging lecture and entertaining demonstration? I can't pay you anything, but I will put your name on the powerpoint and will write a blog post thanking all the photographers involved and giving their website, so you'll get a tiny bit of publicity out of this small collaboration.

I am looking for images of the following:

- a heartbeat shown on a EKG monitor
- footprints
- an illustration for this legend:
- rain falling
- a ship at sea
- an illustration for "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" by Shakespeare
- an illustration for a love sonnet set in a garden
- a musical score
- a picture of the 9/11 skyline
- comedy & tragedy masks
- ocean waves
- a fist punching
- illustrations for "sonnet," "villanelle," "sestina," and "rondeau"
- a chambered nautilus shell
- a pine cone
- the head of a daisy or sunflower
- the Parthenon
- Venus de Milo
- dancers in a circle
- patterns cut in ice by the blades of ice skates
- a kingfisher
- vaulted arches & buttresses in Gothic architecture

You can download the powerpoint as it is in its cheesy clip-art phase by going to and scrolling down to the .pdf. Thank you very much to Rosie Perera for donating photos of a spiral staircase, and to Kent Smith for directing me to the spiral image that appears on his website.

Feel free to email me (iambic dot admonit at gmail dot com) with any questions -- or with your photos! And please forward this post to any other photographers you know. Thanks!!

~ Sørina




Tom Sturch said...

Sorina: There is a set of little books published by Walker Publishing Company that take a secular look at patterns. There are three I think cogent to your work including: 1) A Little Book of Coincidence, which graphically depicts the choreography of planets, 2) Harmonograph: A Visual Guide to the Mathematics of Music, which is about is about how sound looks, and 3) Li: Dynamic Form in Nature. About ten bucks a piece, or I can scan a few images for you.


Here are a few images perhaps for Villanelle, Sestina & Rondeau. I think pattern and repetition:

Iambic Admonit said...

Whoa! Thanks, folks! Tom: Those sound marvelous. I would LOVE to see an image or two of the "choreography of the planets." That's amazing. You must know that fascinates me (see my poems "Natal Astronomy" and "Cosmology" in "Caduceus"). Have you read "Planet Narnia" by Michael Ward?

Jim: Yipee! These are GORGEOUS!! I am honored to use them!