03 April 2012

Update to "Calling Photographers"

So, I'm working on a PPT called "Poetry, Dance, & the Patterned Glory of the Universe", and I've asked photographers to send me images. Thanks tons to those who have responded! I'll write a follow-up post later thanking each of you and linking to your websites.

For now, here's an updated list of the images I would still like to add. Are there any more intrepid photographers out there who are willing to donate a photograph or two?

I am looking for images of the following:

- a heartbeat shown on a EKG monitor
- footprints
- an Irish landscape
- an illustration for "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" by Shakespeare
- an illustration for a love sonnet set in a garden
- a picture of the 9/11 skyline
- comedy & tragedy masks
- a fist punching
- a chambered nautilus shell
- a pine cone
- Venus de Milo
- dancers in a circle
- patterns cut in ice by the blades of ice skates
- a kingfisher
- vaulted arches & buttresses in Gothic architecture

Feel free to email me (iambic dot admonit at gmail dot com) with any questions -- or with your photos! And please forward this post to any other photographers you know. Thanks!!

~ Sørina




Rosie Perera said...

Many of these you could probably find photos that are "free to use or share" via a Google Images search using the Advanced settings (usage rights). For example, there are lots of good freely sharable photos of kingfishers, pine cones, footprints. Not much for chambered nautilus (unless you want a petrified one), EKG heartbeat (also tried each keyword by itself and also "electrocardiogram" and "heart monitor" -- no luck). I'll let you look for the rest.

Iambic Admonit said...

Actually, the point (for me) was to work with photographers in a simple little collaboration, as much as it was just to get the images. :)