23 March 2012

Caduceus "Book Tour" #4

Since I received my copies of CADUCEUS three weeks ago, I have given seven poetry readings of various kinds in a wide variety of venues. They were soooo much fun! Each had a kind of theme or focus, I'd like to report briefly on each one.

Lehigh Carbon Community College
8 March 2012

I've figured out my purpose in life: I love to make things beautiful. Words, people, flowers, houses, landscapes, food -- I love to make them all beautiful. When I get going on some manual or mental project that involves taking lots of little pieces and putting them together into a beautiful shape, I can just focus on that alone, for hours. I can work at the kitchen counter for a full long day, from dawn until long after dusk.

What does this have to do with my Book Launch Party? Well, see, a friend & I did all the cooking, and glorious mess and monstrous glory it was! We made:
Rose-and-Current Scones
Sweet Cream Current Butter
Rose Scones
Rose Meringues
Rose-and-Cream Meringues
Roasted Red Pepper Dip
Olive Tapenade
Smoked Salmon Dip
Current-and-Cream Meringues

Ummm-hmmmm! And I got gorgeous wine-colored roses, and white table cloths, and set the whole place looking great. :) Then everyone came, dressed to stun! And my colleagues said super sweet things about me, exaggerating my good qualities and completely ignoring my flaws. And they bought books. And I read poems. And 8 talented young people from POTS performed three of my sonnets. A truly memorable evening! I am very blessed!

Please consider purchasing Caduceus on amazon. If you do, maybe you can write a little review on amazon or on your website -- and please let me know that you have done so. Thanks!



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