01 May 2010

May poem of the month

April was National Poetry Month and all sorts of contests and activities took place. I was theoretically participating in Robert Lee Brewer's poem-a-day challenge, but completely failed. I think I completed two poems all month, and only started a handful more. I excuse that by the fact that I'm working on a long project, partly in verse, and did something on that almost every weekday except when I was traveling to interview someone for the "Where Are We Now" series. It was a very productive month, just not for new lyric poems! Here's a sort of a one in response to the April 6th challenge.

Theories of Evil
Ekphrasis on "Flight of the Witches" by Francisco de Goya

A triangle is a parody.
A Trinitarian icon.

Evil is what’s left when good is gone—
perhaps, or, nearer to the truth,
evil is good gone wrong.

Goya knew
that devotion imitates; that evil is an ape.
Villanelle. Triolet. Haiku.

Does pain have a shape?
Triangulated in the air
over the blasted waste,

they scrabbled into somewhere.
Whirling the germens of earth,
mocking the circle of prayer,

screaming in paint-strokes, brush-work,
trouble, trouble, trouble,
double and triple their hurt.

~ Sorina

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