19 May 2010

quick post with suggested links

Here is a little bit of suggested reading for you. First, here is an article in Comment that discusses the role of the Arts and the Church in revitalizing small, dying town. It's an excellent article, well written, with apt references and good research. It's extremely relevant to Iambic Admonit in the context of the interview series I've been running.

Next, do you remember those two little articles I wrote about Posthumanism for Curator? Well, here they are again just in case:
What is Posthumanism
a Christian response

Well, several sites have been providing linkbacks: responses, discussion, critique, and so on. Perhaps you would like to join the conversation? Here are the ones I could find. Please feel free to add more in the comments if you find any.

"Religion in Society"

"Three Quarks Daily"

"A Fool Repeats His Folly"

"Rave, rant, rate"

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