31 January 2012

Inklings "Complete" List

I am attempting to compile a FULLY COMPREHENSIVE list of good Inklings resources -- websites, podcasts, etc. -- on world wide web. I am only interested in the really useful, intelligent, and scholarly ones, not silly fan pages. This other writers who are Inklings influences or strong connections.

Would you dear readers be able to assist me, by pointing out mistakes I have made in this list and especially omissions I have made? Thank you!

The Inklings blog
The Marion E. Wade Center
The Mythopoetic Society
entry in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

VII: An Anglo-American Review
The Journal of Inklings Studies
Inklings Jahrbuch (German-language journal)
Sehnsucht: The C. S. Lewis Journal
Tolkien Studies: An Annual Scholarly Review
Mallorn: the Journal of the Tolkien Society
Parma Eldalamberon: Journal of the Elvish Linguistic Fellowship

The Charles Williams Society
The Tolkien Society
Owen Barfield Society
The Dorothy L Sayers Society
C. S. Lewis society of California
Oxford C.S. Lewis Society
C. S. Lewis Society of Chattanooga, Tennessee
Arizona C. S. Lewis Society
Aslan Society, Arizona State University
C. S. Lewis Society of California
Southern California C. S. Lewis Society
C. S. Lewis Society of Trinity College (Florida)
The C. S. Lewis Society, Taylor University (Indiana)
The New York C. S. Lewis Society
C. S. Lewis Reading Group of Dayton (Ohio)
C. S. Lewis and Inklings Society, Oklahoma City University
Memphis C. S. Lewis Society (Tennessee)
Oxford University C. S. Lewis Society
German Inklings Society
American Chesterton Society

Gavin Ashenden 
David Bratman
Grayson Carter
James Como
Brenton Dickieson

Lyle Dorsett
David Downing
Colin Duriez
Bruce Edwards
Paul Ford
Diana Pavlac Glyer
Malcolm Guite
James Helfers
Sørina Higgins (my own Inklings page)
Monika Hilder
Charles Huttar
Alan Jacobs
Peter Kreeft
Joel Heck 
Andrew Lazo
Grevel Lindop (working on a bio of CW for Oxford UP)
Kathryn Lindskoog
Louis Markos
William O'Flaherty
Victor Reppert
Jerry Root
Peter Schakel
Sanford Schwartz
Paul J. Spaeth
Charlie Starr
Will Vaus
Michael Ward
Ralph C. Wood

The “Co-inherence list”, a yahoo discussion group
“The Novels of Charles Williams” by Glen Cavaliero
“What about Charles Williams?” by Thomas Howard
"The Acts of the Companions" by Thomas Willard
video of Lewis talking about Williams' novels
An intro to the novels by Rider W. Miller
The Other Inkling by Thomas Howard
CW and Kierkegaard by Michael Paulus
"The Web of Exchange," a page of discussion and resources

Mere Lewis
Into the Wardrobe
C. S. Lewis Chronicles
Narnia movie news
C.S. Lewis classics
C.S. Lewis Foundation
The Window in the Garden Wall: C.S. Lewis Quotes
The C. S. Lewis Review
Recordings of C. S. Lewis from the 1940s
C. S. Lewis Institute
The C. S. Lewis Minute
HarperCollins' C. S. Lewis blog
Narnia Fans
The Lion’s Call
Aslan’s Country
The Tedder Library: C. C. Lewis and the Inklings
C. S. Lewis College (Massachusetts)
C. S. Lewis Foundation (California)
C. S. Lewis Festival (Michigan)
C. S. Lewis Institute (Virginia)
Discovery Institute: C. S. Lewis and Public Life (Washington)
Friends of Holy Trinity Church, Headington Quarry

Tokien Studies on Project MUSE
Oxford University podcast on Tolkien
Carl F. Hostetter's Linguistic Resource Page
Ardalambion: Of the Tongues of Arda
The Linguistic Fellowship
"What's in the History of Middle-earth?"
Arda Encyclopaedia
The Tolkien Library
An Illustrated Tolkien Bibliography
Planet Tolkien
dedicated Tolkien site of HarperCollins
Tolkien Wiki
Lord of the Rings Wiki
Tolkien Gateway
"Tolkien & the Great War" by John Garth
"Tolkien & Fantasy" blog by Douglas Anderson
On Tolkien's Sources by Jason Fisher
Collecting Tolkien
Tolkien-inspired art
Tolkien estate

Owen Barfield Literary Estate
Encyclopedia Barfieldiana
review of a Barfield-related film
Remembering Owen Barfield
Barfield on Rudolf Steiner
The Evolution of Consciousness
"How I was Brought to Discover Owen Barfield" by Henry Gurr
"Owen Barfield: A Biographical Note" by Marjorie Lamp Mead (.pdf)
Bodleian Library's Barfield holdings
Owen Barfield Blog

The Golden Key
MacDonald texts on Online Literature
MacDonald on Victorian Web
Father of the Inklings
MacDonald informational web
books from Johannesen publishing

Brief bio on CCEL
Chesterton works on Online Literature
G. K. Chesterton Institute for Faith & Culture
Ignatius Insight's Chesterton page
Martin Ward's Chesterton page

(to be added...)

Helen Joy Davidman (Mrs. C.S. Lewis) 1915-1960: A Portrait by Lyle W. Dorsett
Extraordinary Joy by Anne Morse
full text of Smoke on the Mountain by Joy Davidman
(more to be added...)


(to be added...)

(Other Inklings to be added....)



Rosie Perera said...

For Tolkien, there's the Tolkien Wiki and the Lord of the Rings Wiki. There's also the Tolkien Gateway, another wiki. It appears to be more in-depth than the other two combined (9,848 articles and 7,206 images).

For Owen Barfield, there's the Owen Barfield Literary Estate website, the Owen Barfield Society, and Encyclopedia Barfieldiana.

Anonymous said...

-> Thanks for including my site, but it might be better to list it as rather than "Arend Smilde".
-> It would certainly be better to list muy site under the heading C. S. Lewis rather than "General Inklings"
-> The list of "Recommended Sites" is perhaps too long. It would be useful to make it shorter by giving the Journals (Mytholore, Seven, JIS, etc) a category of their own.

Arend Smilde said...

Sorry for posting my comment Anonymously: I must have ticked the wrong box - and there's no undoing it for me. What's worse is that I forgot to say I welcome and admire your list!

Iambic Admonit said...

Arend: No worries, and thank YOU! Your site is amazing!