29 January 2012

2011 film recommendations

Here is a great list of films Stephen Graydanus recommends from 2011. I've actually only seen 4 on his main lists, and would push Harry Potter WAY further up. And you?


Rosie Perera said...

On his main list, I've seen only Of Gods and Men, The Mill & the Cross, and The Tree of Life, and would agree they are among the best of the year for me. I'd put Hugo up there too. I did also see Jayne Eyre. I believe you've already seen my list of films I saw in 2011 (which included a lot from prior years) in which I gave rough ratings for everything. Other standouts from 2011 (and 2010) include Gunnar Goes God, Blood in the Mobile, The Kid with a Bike, Luminaris (short), The Pedestrian Jar (short), The Paris Quintet in Practice Makes Perfect (short; vimeo password given out on their Facebook page), and Clear Blue (short).

Iambic Admonit said...

Thanks; I did see your list, and it challenged me that I need to watch more, and more intelligent, films!