05 January 2010

Great Christian filmmaking

I'm going to take the liberty of reposting here a comment made on Facebook by Jeffrey Overstreet (author of Through a Screen Darkly and film reviewer for Christianity Today), because it's worth spreading far and wide. (Well it's probably already spread farther and wider among his 1497 FB friends than this blog's readership will reach, but this will reach some who might not otherwise have seen it.)
Many Christians say we need "Christian movies." And yet when a Christian makes a great movie about love & reconciliation - one that wins raves, wins awards at international film festivals, and appears on Top 10 Lists - the Christian media & the Christian filmmaking communities ignore it almost entirely. Read Roger Ebert's review of "Munyurangabo" (he calls it "a masterpiece"). See? When Christians make great art, it's recognized & embraced. But when mediocre, preachy stuff by Christians is criticized, Christians claim it's "anti-Christian bias".
I haven't seen "Munyurangabo" yet but it's now on my list of movies to see!

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Steve Hayes said...

And on my list to see as well. I won't remember the name, but I will recognise it when I see it.

Have you seen "Ostrov" (The Island)?

Nowe there's a great Christian movie.