07 January 2010

Arts & Faith's Top 100 Spiritually Significant Films

I created this document based on the list posted on Arts & Faith (the 2008/2009's version of the list, which they plan to update at some point this year) and descriptions from Moviemail (with their permission), since I thought it would be helpful to have all the info in one place. Original sources cited at the bottom of the document. Hope you find this useful when deciding what movies to rent. Most of these should spark some very good deep discussions. Enjoy! (Incidentally, I've seen 39 of the films on this list. Most of the rest of them are ones I want to see and will eventually make it onto my actual queue at Videomatica.)

Arts & Faith’s Top 100 Spiritually Significant Films

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Iambic Admonit said...

Thanks very much, Rosie! This is helpful for me, in light of what I said a while ago, that I love film, but tend to watch only the popular blockbusters, partly from a lack of knowledge about what other films might be good. I'll take time in the near future to copy most of these movies onto my netflix queue; however, I won't be watching anything for a while, because we got rid of our tube TV when we moved, and have yet to buy a new one. (We'll also get the whole shabang: surround sound speakers, etc., for which we wired our walls). And my laptop is not capable of playing DVDs, so I'm on a movie hiatus for a bit. All the one will this whet my appetite for when I can, again.