04 October 2007

October poem of the month

I'm sorry this poem is late! But I have several pieces of good news that are also excuses for dilatory blog posts:

1. G & I are building a house. We're doing most of the work ourselves, which means slave-labor dawn to dusk!

2. I'm giving a paper entitled "Heraldry of Heaven: The development of Sehnsucht in the writings of C. S. Lewis" at the C. S. Lewis: The Man and His Work: a 21st-Century Legacy conference at the end of the month, and have much work to do on that paper yet.

3. I've had my first poetry chapbook, The Significance of Swans accepted for publication by Finishing Line Press!! It is scheduled for release next August 8th. There will be plenty more news about that as the time draws closer. I just finished revising the MS and formatting everything for publication. My fellow blogger, Rosie Perera, has agreed to supply the cover art; a fitting physical and public expression of our long virtual collaboration!

So, with all those excuses out of the way, here's a (rather rough) poem. It is a precursor to a series of posts I'm planning on Lewis's ideas about Christianity and mythology. Enjoy!

Goddess of the Moon

If you exist, Diana,
in the minds and hearts of men,
running silver under moonlight passionate and cold,
Omnipotence created you.

He laboured with the idea of His work,
shaping every false, fantastic, mortals’ word
for thoughts they cannot understand but feel
into images, intangible but real.

Call it myth,
name yourself imaginary, praise
the sages whose inspiring gave you breath,

perhaps. But praise divine intent that,
knowing fact from fiction,
in His kindness gave us something other,
something more:
in His creation made a space
for truth.


Megan said...

What exciting updates on your blog! I'm eager to hear more about your lovely home and the pulication of your work. Congratulations! Your October poem was beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

Iambic Admonit said...

Thanks, Megan! Great to hear from you, and to see your goings-on on your own blog.

Towhee said...

Hi! I really, really love your poetry, but I have a question that’s not related to your poetry. I want to know the history of that new picture you have on here, where it came from and what the story is.

Iambic Admonit said...

Thanks, Towhee! Well, not much of a story to that photo. It was taken by my roommate this summer while I was studying in Vermont. For our "Senior Prom" (yes, the graduate candidates for the Degree Master of Arts had a senior prom, and it was a real flop, a nothing of an event), the decorators had set up a big frame as a nice photo spot. But I wish I had a great story about posing for some famous painter or something!

Rosie Perera said...

I just followed the link to that conference website and looked over the schedule. What fun! Congratulations on being invited to speak at such a conference. Getting to know all the big names in C.S. Lewis studies, too. I wish I could go and take it all in with you. I hope you'll be blogging about it afterwards to share it with us!