13 March 2006

Never travel without a book....

Take a look at this web site! As Rosie said when she sent it to me, "What a novel idea!" Perhaps we should all do it, and "turn the whole world into a library."
click here for Book Crossing
What would you leave for everyone and anyone to read? I would leave
Till We Have Faces by C. S. Lewis, the single greatest book, humanly speaking, or maybe Mere Christianity. But I'm sure there could be other, quirky, random, hard-to-find books that would do well in this sort of exchange. What would you send out on the waves of human flux?


Mehitchcock said...

I would have liked to have found Siddartha by Hesse this way.

Rosie Perera said...

I would have a hard time giving away any of my own books, because I love looking through them again and seeing them on my shelves, and being reminded of them just by having them around. However if I were going to do this, I might actually buy a second copy of a great book to release into the world. Some of the books I might do this with are:
The Giver by Lois Lowry (a wonderful, deep children's book that adults can probably appreciate even more than children can);
Holy the Firm by Annie Dillard (absolutely beautiful poetic prose, set in the islands of the Pacific Northwest)
Spirituality and the Gentle Life by Adrian Van Kaam (my favorite work of spiritual theology; by a Catholic theologian; very helpful for those who struggle with anger, anxiety, or excessive self-criticism)