21 March 2006

Art can be Fun! or, Fun can be Art??

Wow, this is so cool. Art doesn't always have to be as serious as we're making it out to be!! And yet, this takes as much dedication as wielding a pen, I would imagine....
Click here to watch Chris Bliss juggling
It's a bit long, and it only becomes more dazzling as it goes along, so try to watch the whole video. Enjoy!

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Rosie Perera said...

Incredible! That is every bit as good (and as artistic) as the best dance piece I've ever seen -- and it's more entertaining! I'm sure it must have been choreographed.

So, could this push the boundaries of what is art into things that are partially art and partially athletic feats? Choreographed dance is definitely art (and it also involves a tremendous amount of physical stamina). What about synchronized swimming? Or an amazing skateboard performance? Is that just some kid having fun, or is it art?

And speaking of "performances" of young people on the fringe of society, what about those graffiti murals? They are sometimes quite beautiful, even though they might be created by angry, anti-establishment hoodlums making a statement of protest? Some of the great art of the past was created as a form of protest against the status quo (be it the artistic fashions of the day, a political situation, or something else). Not all protest art is beautiful, nor does it all stand the test of time, but it still is a genre of legitimate art, I believe.

(How did I get onto protest art from juggling??!! My, how my mind wanders...)