18 April 2012

Hair & Art

I've had another little piece appear in The Curator. This one is about beauty salons that display art in their space and/or host musical events that clients can look at and/or listen to while getting their hair and nails done. Have you ever been to a salon like this? Please share your thoughts!

03 April 2012

Update to "Calling Photographers"

So, I'm working on a PPT called "Poetry, Dance, & the Patterned Glory of the Universe", and I've asked photographers to send me images. Thanks tons to those who have responded! I'll write a follow-up post later thanking each of you and linking to your websites.

For now, here's an updated list of the images I would still like to add. Are there any more intrepid photographers out there who are willing to donate a photograph or two?

I am looking for images of the following:

- a heartbeat shown on a EKG monitor
- footprints
- an Irish landscape
- an illustration for "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" by Shakespeare
- an illustration for a love sonnet set in a garden
- a picture of the 9/11 skyline
- comedy & tragedy masks
- a fist punching
- a chambered nautilus shell
- a pine cone
- Venus de Milo
- dancers in a circle
- patterns cut in ice by the blades of ice skates
- a kingfisher
- vaulted arches & buttresses in Gothic architecture

Feel free to email me (iambic dot admonit at gmail dot com) with any questions -- or with your photos! And please forward this post to any other photographers you know. Thanks!!

~ Sørina