13 September 2013

Blog name change!

Dear readers!

The time has come to change the name of this blog. When I began writing this blog 8 years ago, it was mostly personal thoughts about art and faith. As it has developed over time, it has become more of a mish-mash: some more professional, some even more personal.

But now I'm trying to gather up the bits and pieces of my online life and streamline them a little. So the time has come to change the name of this blog.

It's a contest!

Suggest a new title for this blog. I will give a copy of my book Caduceus to the person whose suggestion I take!

So come on and give me your best creative, clever suggestions. You may want to skim through the archives to see what the content tends to be. There have been a few common themes:
- Inklings (Lewis, Tolkien, and Williams)
- Interviews about the current state of the arts
- Doctor Who, theology, and literary theory
more broadly:
- "literature"
- "poetry"
- "theology"

Most importantly, it's a blog about FAITH AND ART. The Christian faith, and fine art.

Furthermore, let me know if you are interested in writing for me on either a random or regular basis. Cheers. 


Robert Ghrist said...

"The branches of Broceliande"

Iambic Admonit said...

Very pretty!

Iambic Admonit said...

OK, I've made a temporary name change. I may end up keeping it if the current owner of grants my request to make that name available! Otherwise, the contest is still open and suggestions are welcome. said...

-An Inkling in Time
-The Staff of the Omnipotence
-As Time Unrolls
-With Nerves that Tingle Touched by Light, or just Tingle Touched by Light
-Until So Named
-Panning the Vein of Spirit out of Sense
-Living Silver
-The Place of the Lion
-The Legend-Makers
-Subtlety which was the Serpent
-The Everlasting Dance
-The Mystery of Love
-Cotton & Silence
-The Farsighted Artist

Oh well, have fun.

Iambic Admonit said...

Oh, come now, can't you think of more than one suggestion? ;)

Love 'em!

J. Aleksandr Wootton said...

The most stunning line in Caduceus, in my opinion, is the conclusion

"Whatever: this incarnate being, does."

(You can leave me out of the giveaway!) So perhaps something to do with that, the brevity of incarnation and the importance of spiritual effort (artistic as much as anything else) during it. "These Few Incarnate Steps" or something.

Also, I'd love to write for this blog. Randomly is all I manage for my own blog, so that's really all I could commit to here, but yes: guest poster am I.

Iambic Admonit said...

J. Aleksandr Wootton: email me at iambic[dot]admonit[dot]gmail[dot]com and we'll talk.