19 November 2012

Packing for An Unexpected Journey

My "packing list" for the first Hobbit movie came out on The Curator today! Here is a summary--actually, just the "packing list" itself; please enjoy the whole article over there, then come back and leave my your thoughts. And remember that I am hosting two Hobbit-related events locally; you can RSVP on these facebook event pages: 

Packing for “An Unexpected Journey”

Here are some suggestions for what to bring and what to leave behind.
1. Pack A Theory of Adaptation

2. Leave The Hobbit at home
3. Pack the appendixes to LOTR, along with “The Quest of Erebor” and “The Istari” in Unfinished Tales
 4. Leave The Silmarillion at home

5. Pack The Tolkien Professor’s “Riddles in the Dark” podcast 
6. Leave your spouse at home
7. Pack a lunch

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