04 August 2012

How To Get Published

I've just had my regular bi-monthly piece printed in Curator. This time around, it's ostensibly about "How To Get Published." But it really isn't about that; it's about How To Write Well. Please slide on over and read the entire article, then share it with your friends, tweet it, post it, comment on it here, or whatever else takes your fancy. Just to pique your curiousity, here are the main points in it:

1. Read
2. Study 
3. Practice
4. Repeat steps 1-3 for several years

5. Establish Writing Partnerships
6. Revise 
7. Attend Workshops
8. Attend Conferences 
9. Submit to Magazines/Journals
10. Submit to Contests 
11. Try a Small Press
12. Get an Agent 13. Finally, send out a “real” book to a “real” press!

That's all, folks!

1 comment:

Steve Hayes said...

Getting an agent is the main stumbling block.