04 May 2012

First Review of "CADUCEUS"

I've just posted selections from L.L. Barkat's review article over on Curator.

There has been one other little tiny review of Caduceus so far, too. It is on, and it's by one of America's great new writers, Shann Ray. I wrote a tiny blog review of his new book American Masculine, which you can read here.

So, he was gracious enough to write me an itty bitty review on amazon, which I reproduce here (with added empahses):

There is a certain topography that is associated with beauty, be it in the form of body, landscape, emotion, or spirit. In Caduceus, the gorgeously kilned book of poems by Sorina Higgins, we find the elegance and power of the word and a visual land in which we walk with open eyes. In that word and in that land, the voices of those lost and desperate, desolated or consoled, embedded in the granite of life's seemingly unconquerable forces or the water of the eternity to which we may be destined come to us like the song of a night bird. These poems, like the songs that have given us ascension from the beginning of time, beckon us toward gracefulness with ourselves and others. Sorina's book is a book of poems to carry with you. A book to open and read to a friend. A book in which the soul is given wings.

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