14 September 2011

Ekphrasis Report #12 part 2

(Please read part one first).

After we finished workshopping pieces of writing, we turned to discussing the promotion and growth of "Ekphrasis:Fellowship of Christians in the Arts." We talked about making the group more open to those who just want to observe and appreciate the arts but who don't have works to share. We will plan to do that, and to promote art appreciation by starting each meeting with a little chat by one of the long-time members on how to appreciate some genre (poetry, drama, modern painting, etc.).

We decided to reach out to three communities, thus:

1. First, we want to reach into the Christian community to find the artists. We would like to request local churches to run an announcement in their bulletins. We'll be typing up such an announcement and sending it out soon. It will read something like:
"Ekphrasis: Fellowship of Christians in the Arts" invites artists of all kinds (actors, choreographers, composers, dancers, directors, filmmakers, musicians, visual artists, writers..) and appreciative observers to attend a congenial evening of workshop and dialogue. Ekphrasis is a Greek word that translates "to express, enunciate, detail, phrase, signify." We are a group of artists seeking to translate, express, and signify Christian faith and human experience through the written, visual, and performing arts. We are committed to technical excellence and orthodox profundity. We meet on the first Monday of every month at Living Hope Church, Allentown, PA, 7-9 pm. Please join us! For more info:

2. Secondly, we want to reach into the local arts communities to find the Christians. We thought one way to do that would be to design a poster and see if museums, concert venues, colleges, the Lehigh Valley Arts Council, and other institutions of that nature would allow us to hang such a poster and/or share our meeting announcement. We're going to postpone this step until after our next meeting. More later.

3. Thirdly, we want to tap into the faith-and-arts communities that already exist. I'm going to investigate IAM membership and other organizations of that nature. Any other suggestions are welcome.

tune in tomorrow for a discussion of our vision statement


Rosie Perera said...

This is very exciting, Sorina!

As for other faith-and-arts communities, there is CIVA - Christians in the Visual Arts, very well respected. Not for you, but others in your group who are visual artists might want to consider joining that if they aren't members already. There is also CITA - Christians in Theatre Arts, which I'm not familiar with so can't give it a recommendation as I can with CIVA.

Iambic Admonit said...

Thank you, Rosie! Someday we'll get you out here as a guest Ekphrasian. :)