06 June 2011

invitation to a Poetry Reading

my treasure in the stones
and shoots gathered at your feet...

You are invited
to attend a poetry event:

“Ekphrasis” will read from
John Alexanderson's 2006 poetry chapbook,
When Least Expected: Poems From Faith
on June 14, at Wired Café,
520 Main Street, Bethlehem, PA.
We begin at 4pm, wrap up by 6pm.

Join the artists and writers of
“Ekphrasis: Fellowship of Christians in the Arts”
to explore some epiphanies that can render
our earthly lives both fun and fulfilling.

Copies of John’s chapbook will be available for purchase,
and all proceeds will be donated to a charitable cause.
For more info, please contact
Sørina Higgins: 484.866.2147

(image by Kirstin Winters)

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