02 April 2011

Back in August, I interviewed Paul Salerni, a local composer. He is one of five composers who are writing fanfares on commission for the Allentown Symphony Orchestra's sixtieth anniversary. I asked Paul if he could update his interview for us with a description of his fanfare. Here it is! Please consider attending this concert if you live in the Lehigh Valley area. You can purchase tickets here.

Paul Salerni writes:

Preludio was written to honor the contribution of Robert and Angeline Pearce to the life of the Allentown Symphony.

As the title indicates, the piece is a vehicle for getting the listener's ears and palate ready for the larger musical feast to come. I hope it has a gentle and welcoming aspect, that its material unfolds in gradual fashion, slowly building structural and melodic shape. Not unlike a Vivaldi concerto, the opening material returns twice, each time altered and shortened. A distinctive new timbre appears between the second and third ritornello, and I like to think that the idea of growth into new bright colors will remind everyone of the spring season.

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