31 December 2010

Review of "Dawn Treader"

My full review of "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" has appeared in Curator magazine. Please read it here and then come back to comment. I am interested to know what you think.


Annelise Holwerda said...

I especially like this part...
This is unrealistic at best and terribly misleading at worst if it leads children into thinking that all they need to do is make a slight mental re-adjustment and then they will be powerful, beautiful, influential people who save the world from disaster. In reality, they would do better to learn the harder lesson of gradual character improvement due to long prayer and study in the school of life, then live out their commitments as quiet saints in their spheres of family, vocation, and ministry.

So true, and rare to hear this articulated clearly. Until we see past the lie, though, the school of character becomes so elusive and hidden. I'm thankful that although Grace is missing from the film, it's still present in this world :)

Mark Hamilton said...

Your critique is excellent and their certainly are numerous problems with the movie. I like your analyse of the film. It is on target both in its praises and criticisma. One aspect that I think Lewis would like about the film is that the fim makers create a beautiful world which can create in the observer the "sense of longing" that was so essential to Lewis' writings.