24 November 2010

tiny post

Every now and then I feel like giving up blogging. Usually it's for a bad reason, such as because I don't have time to blog or because I feel I have nothing useful to say. But sometimes it's for a great reason: because somebody else is saying everything that needs to be said on the topic of the arts and faith. Today it's that good reason. W. David O. Taylor, that titan of arts-and-faith, has just started a series of blog posts on, whadduya know? The State of the Arts in the Church today. So why are you still here? Go read his stuff!

But come right back. Because I'm not about to stop blogging. In fact, I'm just about to publish another important post, and then another, and then another....


Rosie Perera said...

Ha! What a copycat. You had the idea first. :-)

Iambic Admonit said...

Hee hee. Well, not exactly. His is specifically on the state of the arts in the church; mine is on the state of the arts in North America. Really, his question is "HOW are the arts doing in the church today?" and mine is "WHAT are the arts doing?"