06 December 2009

Jeremy Begbie: Theology Through the Arts

Jeremy Begbie is someone whom anybody with an interest in faith and the arts should be acquainted with, so if you haven't heard of him, let me introduce you. He is a musician (concert pianist), an ordained minister in the Church of England, and an academic theologian. He founded the Theology Through the Arts research project, which involved collaborations between theologians and artists in creating commissioned works of visual art, music, and drama. Out of that project came Spicer's "Easter Oratorio" with libretto by N.T. Wright, among other things. Begbie is currently Professor of Theology at Duke Divinity School. He is also senior member at Wolfson College, Cambridge, and an affiliated lecturer in the Faculties of Divinity and Music at Cambridge. Prior to that he was Associate Principal of Ridley Hall, Cambridge, and also honorary professor and co-director of St. Andrew's Univerisity's Institute for Theology, Imagination, and the Arts. He has also taught numerous times at Regent College Summer School, and has published several books, including "Voicing Creation’s Praise: Towards a Theology of the Arts," "Theology, Music and Time," and "Beholding the Glory: Incarnation through the Arts." He is a man of intense energy, passion, wit, and incredible brilliance. And he has a really cool bald head. :-)

Here is a video of him presenting some of his Theology Through the Arts ideas, produced by Faith & Leadership at Duke Divinity School.


Iambic Admonit said...

I'm going to hear him lecture and perform in February! School field trip.

Rosie Perera said...

I participated in my first ever webinar yesterday! It was with Jeremy Begbie speaking on "The Implications of the Incarnation." Fantastic! Here's the audio. And here are the slides.